Advisory Council

Current ISD #2190 Advisory Council Members:

Cindy Anderson, Blake Dandurand, Terri Dinesen, Peg Furshong, Mark Jensen, Rae Ann Keeler-Aus, Tim Knapper, Sharon Pazi, Scott Rassmusson, Cindy Skulstad, Dave Smiglewski, Barb Torke, Warren Velde, and Elmo Volstad


What is the Community Education Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council is a group of community representatives who advise and promote the programs and services of Yellow Medicine East Community Education.


What does the Advisory Council do?

Collectively, they determine how available resources can best be utilized to meet the current needs and interests of our school-community while avoiding duplication of others’ efforts.


Who can serve on the Advisory Council?

Our goal is to create as diverse a group as possible.  Representation should include:

  • Parents

  • Non-parents

  • Singles

  • Students of all ages

  • Seniors

  • Business and industry

  • Human service and government agencies

  • Fine arts

  • Environmental and faith groups

  • Service organizations

  • Anybody interested in Community Education


If you are interested in serving…

A few advisory council positions remain open.  The advisory council meets from noon-1:00pm five times during the school year.  Any YME community member is welcome to apply for these positions.  Please call the Community Ed. office if interested.