A Day In The Life... MS/HS Edition

Last Updated: 6/20/2019 6:49 PM

A Day In The Life of a YME Middle School Student


We are very excited here at Yellow Medicine East Middle School to continue to work hard to achieve your child’s educational dreams.  We believe the middle school years are some of the most memorable and unique for students as they begin to transition from the elementary into their high school years. Below are outlined some key talking points for you to look over as well as explain how the schedule is laid out for students.  Yellow Medicine East is a regional leader in middle level education.  We believe every child belongs to The HIVE. We accomplish this through a wide offering of exploratory course work and an Advisory program rooted in best-practice.  First, We pride ourselves on being able to offer quality vocational, fine arts, language, physical activity and computer opportunities. Exploratory classes are designed as specialized courses of a short duration where students model and build.  We offer students blended experiences within technology and physical education every other day throughout the Middle School careers. Second, our school is rooted on the foundation that the relationships formed between students and adults are essential.  We help our students through our Advisory program. We believe that every middle school student should have a special and meaningful relationship at least one caring and trusting adult.  In 6th grade we begin working with students on college and career readiness every Wednesday during Ramp UP for Readiness block. We are very proud of what we can offer students.

What will my daily schedule look like?

Period 1 ~ Math

Period 2 ~ English

Period 3 ~ Advisory

Period 4 Social Studies

Period 5 ~ Exploratory Quarter Classes


Period 6 ~ Phy. Ed/Fine Arts

Period 7 ~ Science

Period 8 ~ Band/Choir or Study Hall

Q and A with Mr. Luft, Middle School Principal


Q How much gym time? How is it scheduled? Showers? Gym lockers?

  • Gym is every other day.  We rotate it with Fine Arts.  The 6th and 7th graders are combined; 8th and 9th graders are combined.  Showers are encouraged, but optional. Students have individual gym lockers to secure their items. Combination locks are provided to secure personal items.


Q How long is lunch? How is it scheduled? What do you do after you are done eating?

  • We run a middle school lunch 6 ~ 8.  During lunchtime, weather permitting, the students are supervised outside on the football field for activity.  If weather does not allow for outside activity the students stay in the cafeteria. Lunch is 36 minutes.


Q When can you use the bathrooms? What if it’s in the middle of class?

  • New to the 2019-2020 school year is the digital hall pass system. Every classroom will have a QR code posted near their door. Students can use any electronic device with a QR scanner to pull up the check in/check out form.  We have 4 minute passing time between each class. If a student needs to go to the bathroom, their locker, the office, etc., during class they ask a staff member and they check out through the digital hall pass. 

Q What if you forget class materials? What if you forget a locker combination? How many lockers do we have?

  • Every student is given one secured locker.  During Back-to-School and during the first 3 days of instruction we work with the students on using their lockers, and understanding their transitions between classes.  If they forget materials for class, they work with the teacher to make arrangements to get what is needed. The office has the master list of locker combinations for all the lockers in the building. 


Q What if you are late for class or can’t find the room? How long is each class? How much time between classes?

  • We work hard the first week of school on transition for all students.  We use staff and students to work with kids on getting familiar with the building.  Students can stop in the office or ask any staff member for assistance, most staff members are in the hallway during passing time. After the first week the building is familiar to the students, so there are fewer to no issues.


Q What if my bus is late? Where do I go each morning?

  • We are on an 8 period day so first hour is constant.  We are notified by the bus company when busses are running late and we communicate with kids and their teachers to let them know.  During transition students become familiar with our office staff and are encouraged to use them for any questions. If students are late, they must check in at the middle/high school office. All doors to the building are locked from 8:15 - 3:15 and the only way students/parents can enter the building is through the main front door. 


Q Will there be a homeroom besides advisory? What will advisory be like?

  • We meet daily with our students during our 16-minute Advisory time to work on a number of items.  The PBIS team does send out information for staff to use but most commonly staff adjusts the schedule due to the needs of their students.  On Wednesday’s we have a 30-minute block to implement Ramp Up for Readiness for college and career readiness.


Q Will there be a supply list? Where do you put your supplies?

  • We do have a supply list and it is sent out to students with their Back-to-School packet in August.  Supplies are kept in their locker. Students are not allowed to carry backpacks between classes for safety reasons, but cna carry backpacks to and from school. 

Q How long are the core classes, do they run all year?

  • Core classes, English, Social, Science and Math, do run all year.  Each class is 46 minutes in length.


Q If parents have questions whom do they speak with? Can classes be changed as questions are asked and answered?

  • Parents are encouraged to contact the classroom teacher, advisory or the Principal’s office for assistance.  Classes can be changed by consulting with the teacher and/or the Principal within 10 days of start of the course.  There are not a lot of elective course selections for the 6th grade students, so there are limits to changing classes.  As stated earlier, if a student chooses to be accelerated in Math we do have a guideline in place to support the student.